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It seems that I have just discovered the joys of what I understand is termed as ’social networking’ which in basic terms means a blog site for the farm.  As many of you know IT, that is Information Technology rather than ITaly is not one of my strong points and all of this is new, so I know a little patience will be needed on both sides.

This came to light just a week ago when a photographer came to take photos for a potential article in the UK Olive magazine, naturally mainly based on food, they styled about photographed sumpious dishes.  After we chatted casually about this and that and about his blog….    Until that moment I thought that blogging was just idle chatter for those who had time… Social media, networking, I just drew ablack, but having spoken to friends and my sister, they all knew about it, and the latter in particular when I asked why she hadn’t told me, gave a sigh of exasperation and said ‘I thought everyone knew about it’ … so here goes.   Please do feel free to help me with it too!



About Montestigliano Farm Holidays in Tuscany

The agricultural estate of Montestigliano is centrally located in the heart of Tuscany. Perched high on a hill, at a height of approximately 300 metres, the estate commands magnificent views of the Sienese landscape. It has been owned by the Donati family for over 50 years and is still today a working farm.
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3 Responses to Montestigliano blog

  1. Louise says:

    Great first post Susan, look forward to hearing more about what’s happening at Montestigliano.

    It’s feeling very wet, cold and dark in the UK – feels good to think about our visit in September, my last days in a t-shirt!

  2. JoAnne says:

    Susan, my friend…you have come a long way! I applaud you. I can remember the day years ago when I first started coming to Montestigliano and it was darn difficult to find your website describing how we could communicate with you. I usually resorted to the telephone which now almost seems obsolete! It will such great fun keep Montestigliano close to my heart by reading about it. JoAnne

  3. Beata Rydeen says:

    Susan –
    How fun to read your blog entry! I too am catching up with the ‘social media’ world. Having stayed at Montestigiliano 3 times (twice at Pipistrelli!), Nancy and I are looking forward to our return on Septmber 11-18, as we host another retreat: “Harvesting Women’s Wisdom, a Renewal Retreat for women 45+.” We are ready to accept registrations! visit for details.

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