LA BOTTEGA DI STIGLIANO: mangiare corto per guardare lontano

An interesting new approach to Tuscan food and alimentation has recently come together in the project: “La bottega di Stigliano”. It consists of a workshop set up by the surrounding community, which aims to involve the visitors in respecting the availability of food during the different seasons of the year, in being aware of the presence of certain products in the near area (aiming in this at purchasing groceries that are distant 0km) and in selecting healthy food.

The mayor Masi launchs the project.                                               The mayor Masi launches the project.

The store offers a variety of interesting experiences:

-meetings and confrontations with producers specialized in selling their own personal produce, tied to respecting the seasons and the environment, finding well-being in what we eat and giving a creative support to the local agriculture;

-a diverse selection of foods to purchase, which can also be home delivered and can be organized dipending on personal preferences (this service is offered both to individual buyers as also to canteens and restaurants that may be interested);

-a restaurant on the site which serves the groceries that are available in the store (here a sunday brunch is offered, as is a catering service and even cookery lessons).

Conference  "Terra e Cibo" ("Earth and Food") - Presentation of the store

  Conference  “Terra e Cibo” (“Earth and Food”) – Presentation of the store

             Opening event for the “Bottega”

Opening event - 17th December 2011


Opening hours during the provisional fase:

-from Thursday to Saturday from 4pm to 8pm.


The kitchen is open:

-on Thursdays from 6.30pm for pre-dinner aperitifs;

-on Fridays from 5pm for tastings along with the local producers;

-on Saturdays from 7.30pm for “themed” dinners;

-on Sundays from 12pm for “km 0” lunches.          

Opening event

Opening event - 17th December 2011

          Opening event – 17th December 2011

Info & Contatti
La Bottega di Stigliano
Loc. Stigliano, Sovicille (Siena)

About Montestigliano Farm Holidays in Tuscany

The agricultural estate of Montestigliano is centrally located in the heart of Tuscany. Perched high on a hill, at a height of approximately 300 metres, the estate commands magnificent views of the Sienese landscape. It has been owned by the Donati family for over 50 years and is still today a working farm.
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